I said I’ll be there by your sideWatching and observing you all the timeOf all the promises, you madeOne was to hear me all the time ___ So listen, I ask you to let me goNot because, I no more want to be at your sideBut, because you saidβ€œPrecious things are meant to lose” ___Continue reading “POETRY XI — WITHIN YOU”


Here we are, Summers getting hotter Winters getting colder Lands getting barer Oceans getting emptier Monsoons bringing flood Ozone being depleted And nature cursing through disasters __ Yet, wondering how all this could happen While selfishly making it all happen __ Call it an urge but please just don’t only call. I wonder, we writeContinue reading “CALL IT AN URGE!!”

Poetry IX- Nature’s Voice

When the sky changes colour manifesting its elegant and magnificent shadesAnd the sun shines spreading its vibrant energyAt that time, nature lays the path of guidanceShowing the way through its beautiful colours and bright light ___ When the land shreds its part to sow the seedsAnd the trees come up stronger bragging about its mightinessAtContinue reading “Poetry IX- Nature’s Voice”