I know, this moment you’re living feels so tragic The moment Where everything seems so impossible And end seems the only way The moment  Where grief makes you feel so numb And the emptiness feels so despised The moment  Where ship of humanity appears to be drowning And dying with thirst feels like only optionContinue reading “THE MOMENT”


Though you never said it to meBut I know you felt that way tooThough you tried your best to be my sideBut I guess your love was not meant for meThough we’ve been separated by the borders of loatheBut we still share the same skyThough the nostalgic sentiments we shared have been erodedBut, remember youContinue reading “Poetry X – ONE MORE DAY”

Poetry IX- Nature’s Voice

When the sky changes colour manifesting its elegant and magnificent shadesAnd the sun shines spreading its vibrant energyAt that time, nature lays the path of guidanceShowing the way through its beautiful colours and bright light ___ When the land shreds its part to sow the seedsAnd the trees come up stronger bragging about its mightinessAtContinue reading “Poetry IX- Nature’s Voice”